Sensitive detector to MyEventAction

Hello everyone,
I record the arrival times of my optical photons in my SensitiveDetector file. But I need this information in my MyEventAction to attach it to a vector.
Is it possible to pass values via event to my MyEventAction from the Sensitive detector.
It is clear to me how it works from my Stepping action and co. I also initialize these in the action initialization, but this is not done with the Sensitive detector.

I am grateful for any help, as this is the last step in getting a project finished.

What about definining a “hit” class, and populating a hits collection? Your event action can then access the hits collection and do what it likes. Note that hits don’t have to be “single track/single step” information. You could have a hits collection carrying around just a few objects that get accumulated by the SD over the course of the event.