Separate Elastic and Non-Interacting in p+C @ 100 GeV interactions

Dear experts,

I am trying to do a simulation of p+C @ 100 GeV hadronic interactions using a simple cylinder geometry. I was able to analysis and store the informations (Kinetic, scattering angle, momentum, vertex) of the primary particles with their pdg informations.

I am trying to separate the interactions into elastic, non-interacting, quasi-elastic, columb interactions from the final states particles.

Is there any. way to separate the elastic and non-interacting particles?

Thanks in advance!


I can think of a few possible ways to go around this…

Together with your hit information you can store the process that created those particles (maybe as a coded integer in order not to use strings)

You can disabled ALL processes EXCEPT the ones you interested in… run the simulation. The repeat for a new process

Not sure whether any of them will give you what you want but might be worth a try.