Separating photon and electron events

I was doing a simulation to reproduce the response function of electrons in the silicon detectors. I was trying to reproduce the beta response function by the silicon detector, mentioned in this work.
williart2019.pdf (1.0 MB)

This contains a silicon detector with a Tl-204 beta source, which emits beta particles of energy 763.4 keV. There is a gold absorber in between the detector and the source. When the electrons pass through the absorber, they produce bremsstrahlung xrays.
The response function of the detector contains the low-energy x-ray particles and the electrons. But in this work, they have simulated the response function of the detector with and without the photon contribution (as it can be seen in the figure).

I could simulate the spectrum with the photon contribution in it using GEANT4, but I am not sure how to simulate the spectrum without the photonic contribution in it. Thanks a lot for your interest and valuable comments.

The photons here are bremsstrahlung x-rays? Just stopandkill your particle if it is a photon in your stepping action

There are several ways to proceed. few explanations :

1- choose a big cut for gamma (eg. 1 km …) in order to prevent any brems production.
in PhysicsList::SetCuts() or /run/setCutForAGivenParticle

2- in StackingAction : particles newly created in current step are going to be put in a stack. you can kill them before
example B3 :

3- in TrackingAction::PreUserTrackingAction() : particles are extracted from the stack one by one, and start their tracking. Another chance to kill them.
example Hadr06 :, lines ~100-105

4- then the particle is tracked step by step. At any step you can stop and kill it.

Thanks a lot, Maire and Loyd for your suggestions. I have used my stepping action to kill the gamma particles and it has worked.
Thanks a lot

OK, fine.
Big gamma cut is potentially more efficient, with clear physics meaning.

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