Set touchable visibily in Qt


I have a question about the visiblity of touchables in Qt.

When I open the Qt GUI, I create a OGLSQt viewer and then I’m able to draw all the volumes in my geometry using the command /vis/drawVolume world.
Now, if I open the “Scene tree” tab in the GUI, i can change the visibility of the different touchables by clicking in their checkbox.

If I set the visibility of some touchables to FALSE and then I execute a run, these touchables disappear from the “Scene tree”.

To make them be there again I have to set their visibility to TRUE, but I have to do it one by one by setting the corresponding touchable and setting the vibility to true.
(/vis/set/touchable … and /vis/touchable/set/visibility true)
With this procedure I have to know the name and copy number of all volumes and set the visibility one by one.


  1. Is it normal the the volumes disappear from the “Scene tree”, or I’m doing something wrong?
  2. Is there a way to set the visibility of ALL touchables to TRUE at the same time to make all of them reappear in the tree?

I hope that the problem is clear.

Any help is appreciated.

Thank you