setDefaultRangeCut in Air does not correspond to CDSA range?

Hi there,

I am trying to ensure that the secondary particle production threshold is 10keV in air for electrons.
The CSDA range for a 10keV electron is approximately 2mm (, however when I set a range cut in G4 to 2mm, the corresponding energy cut in G4_AIR = 999.07 eV.
Index : 0 used in the geometry : Yes
Material : G4_AIR
Range cuts : gamma 2 mm e- 2 mm e+ 2 mm proton 2 mm
Energy thresholds : gamma 100 eV e- 999.07 eV e+ 999.07 eV proton 200 keV

Is there something wrong here? The only workaround I can find is by setting:
G4ProductionCutsTable::GetProductionCutsTable()->SetEnergyRange(10keV, 10TeV);

Any help or insight would be great!



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I have the same issue with setting the range cut off to 5 um for G4_TISSUE_SOFT_ICRU.
Did you find any solution or reason for interpreting this issue?