Setting a limit on number of trajectories

Is it possible to set a limit on the maximum number of trajectories that will be saved to a visualization?

I would like to save the first 100 to 1000 events so I can confirm that the x-rays are firing in the correct direction and over the right area. But I don’t want all the events when I do a longer run.

It seems like there should be a UI command for this, but I can’t find it.


We don’t have a specific command for this use case.

Typically I run 100 to 1000 events to see if all’s OK, then /vis/disable, then start a second long run.

If you must do it all in one run, you can keep the first 100 (say) events in your event action:

  if (event->GetEventID() < 100) {

and /vis/drawOnlyKeptEvents.

Thanks. That’s helpful.
I thought I would be able to accomplish this through UI commands alone using:

 /vis/scene/endOfEventAction accumulate 100

where 100 is the maximum number of events to keep. But it does not seem to work the way I expected. For others reading this later: Note that the command on the second line is drawOnlyToBeKeptEvents

I think that will still draw them, even though it does not keep them.

“Keeping” refers to what’s kept at end of run. At end of run you may
They are also used when re-drawing, for example, with another graphics system.