Setting Global Time within decay chain of Ra226


I’m interested in gauging the energy deposition and dose accumulation within an aquatic organism when internally exposed to the products of the Ra226 decay chain. Ra226 has a half-life of ~1600 years and I’m only interested in scoring the energy deposition and dose accumulation for 28 days subsequent to the decay of Ra226 into Rn222 (including the alpha particle from this specific decay).

I’ve tried using aStep->GetTrack()->SetGlobalTime(0.0); in, but it seems that the change in Global Time is not passed on down the decay chain to the daughters of Rn222. Is there some way to achieve this and then stop the scoring for each history after 28 days?

Note: I’m not very skilled with GEANT4 so examples, if possible, would be much appreciated.

Anxiously awaiting any/all suggestions.

I assume that Ra226 is the primary particle.
In steppingAction, you can notice the time of decay of Ra226 : t1, and sum up energy deposition of all particles only within [t1, t1+28 days]