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Hi everyone, I would like to implement a silicon detector for alpha particles, I would like to know if geant4 has this material already implemented

Hello @raoultokouo

Please have a look in the Geant4 Material Database (Geant4 Material Database — Book For Application Developers 11.1 documentation). Since you interested in Silicon you can call as;

G4NistManager* nist = G4NistManager::Instance();
G4Material* si_Mat = nist->FindOrBuildMaterial(“G4_Si”);


if the detector is only in silicon, the number of charges collected will be low, I would like to dope it with lithium and insert a magnetic field.

Creating custom materials is also covered in the Detector Definition and Response Section of the Book For Application Developers — Book For Application Developers 11.1 documentation

Silicon detectors have passive windows or layers, which must be implemented in the model to make the results correspond to an actual device. I recommend studying the layer composition of the detector you wanted to simulate, as even 1 micron of passive material will make a difference in alpha spectroscopy.

it is the sarad EQF 3200 detector that I want to implement, could you have more information on its structure, on the composition of its crystal?
Thank you, cordially.

Usually the layers are described in the manual for the detector and specifically in the document you got with the detector from the manufacturer. Sometimes it is rather unique and different from the generic description in catalogue

The EQF 3200 is equipped with instrument grade semiconductor radiation detectors, both in the radon measurement chamber and the sampling head for the decay products. This allows a perfect separation of the different decay products of radon, using alpha spectroscopy.

For the simulation the website doesn’t give any useful information…

it’s true, I even made them a correspondence expressing my needs to know the information on their detector and I didn’t get any answers.
the problem is that it’s the only detector that the lab uses and I’m the first to come up against it because I have to defend a thesis on radon.
I do not know how to deal with this anymore.
Thank you very much, cordially raoul

In my opinion, your supervisor is the one who must provide you with all information needed for the work. I am a supervisor and never thought I could leave a student without the input information. Ask them politely if they know how to proceed when you got no answer from the company (or just wait if you did it just a couple of days before). It might also be that the exact modeling of the detector may not be needed as you might not be interested in spectroscopy. Thus, there are alternatives your supervisor should explain to you.

thank you very much sir for your help

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