Simulating a Point Source Gamma with Geant4

Hello everyone,

I recently started working with Geant4 and would like to know which example I could use for my simulation. I want to simulate a point gamma source passing through a target, with a scintillation detector recording the number of received gamma photons. Can you recommend a specific example for this scenario or provide guidance on how to set up this simulation?

thanks in advance.

Dear Amina,

I would suggest to start to use the Basic Examples of Geant4 to learn how to develop a Geant4 application. If then you are interested in modelling optical photons in the scintillator, I suggest to look at the extended/optical examples of Geant4.


Dear Amina,

You may take a look to this beginers course given by M. Novak, the sessions were recorded and the material may be found in this github repository.


Dear Alvaro and Susanna,

Thank you very much for your message and the valuable information.
I will certainly review the beginner’s course given by Mr. Novak using the link you shared, Alvaro.
Susanna, I also wanted to express my gratitude for your input.

Best regards,