Simulating incident X rays

Hello all,

What would be the simplest way to simulate incident X rays? The objective is to obtain energy distribution in a simple volume, say Si (in the um scale) when subject to X rays. Here, I have two options and I am not sure which is best.1) Could I repurpose the Optical example (extended > optical), by simply changing the energy to the required value i.e. for X rays? 2) Could I simulate X rays with G4Gamma by assigning it the appropriate energy? Which of these approach is better/are there alternatives? I know that optical photons are different from gamma, in that they interact with boundaries.

Any feedback would be much appreciated!

The Optical example shows how to model optical photons. I do not think this is what you would like to do at this stage. X-rays in Geant4 are G4Gamma, you need to fix the appropriate energy in the PrimaryGeneratorAction. I would look at the extended/example/medical/GammaTherapy. I think you should simplify the geometry and substitute the water phantom , where edep is calculated, with a silicon volume. In addition, that example calculates the edep along the direction of incidence of the beam. You need to integrate the edep along the depth in post-processing or change the code to calculate the total energy deposition.

I hope this helps,