Simulating Only One Decay Branch Using G4RadioactiveDecay


I’m new to Geant4 and I was wondering if there was a way to simulate only one decay branch of an isotope. I’m working off of the rdecay02 example and looking at the decay of V-50, which has two decay modes that are produced at 17% (electron capture) and 83% (beta decay). I’m looking to only generate the former so that 100% of the decays are electron capture. Any help would be appreciated!


this feature is not available. There are following possibilities, which is possible to implement with limited efforts:

  1. use private data file for radioactive decay
  2. prepare StackingAction class whihc allows filter out unwanted final state after interaction.


Following Vladimir suggestion, here a modified data file z23.a50 and a macro for rdecay01
UserData_z23.a50.txt (684 Bytes)
V50.mac.txt (256 Bytes)