Simulating α particles below 1 keV

Hello everyone,
I am using Geant4 for simulation and I am facing an issue with simulating α particles below 1 keV. I have tried several methods but haven’t made any progress so far.
Here are the steps I have taken:
Setting the cutoff distance: I have tried different cutoff distance values, but I am still unable to simulate α particles below 1 keV.
Using the low-energy model: I have included #include “G4EmLowEPPhysics.hh” to use the low-energy model, but it doesn’t seem to have any effect.
I am using Geant4 version [version number], and I haven’t encountered a similar issue while simulating other particles.
If anyone has any insights or suggestions regarding this issue, please help me resolve it. I would greatly appreciate your assistance!
Thank you!

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sorry, what is the issue?

You may try the builtin physics lists called QGSP_BIC_AllHP, which have a High Precision treatment of light charged particles like alphas.

Dear, you can try Geant4-DNA if it is in water