Simulation of Optical Photons Propagating Through Glass

Hi! I was trying to make a simulation of optical photons propagating through a glass medium. I used an optical photon beam in the particle gun and glass as material. I have also added refractive index, absorption length, mie scattering length in the material properties of the medium. Therefore, I expected to see some of the photon getting scattered, some absorbed, and some transmitted through the medium. However, all the photons traverse the medium without any scattering or absorption. Could you please help me implement scattering and absorption in my monte-Carlo simulation of photons propagating through the glass medium?

Here is the list of properties I added in my material properties of glass:
G4MaterialPropertiesTable *mptGlass = new G4MaterialPropertiesTable();
mptGlass->AddProperty(“RINDEX”, &energy, &rIndexGlass, 32);
mptGlass->AddProperty(“ABSLENGTH”, &energy, &absorption, 32);
mptGlass->AddProperty(“MIEHG”, &energy, &mie_glass, 32);
mptGlass->AddConstProperty(“MIEHG_FORWARD”, mie_const[0]);
mptGlass->AddConstProperty(“MIEHG_BACKWARD”, mie_const[1]);
mptGlass->AddConstProperty(“MIEHG_FORWARD_RATIO”, mie_const[2]);

typical mistake is not having a sorted energy vector with ascending values.

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Did you solve this? I don’t think you want the “&” in AddProperty–this method is pass by value.

Sorry for not replying back in a while. I solved the issue by removing the “&” as @dsawkey recommended.