Some questions about Scavenger

Hello everyone! Recently I am learning about the Scavenger, I found somethings hard to understand in the code,So I come here for help.

The first thing is that while inspecting the ConstructMolecule function in EmDNAChemistry, I noticed some molecules with no diffusion_coefficient that are marked as just tags. What’s the meaning of these tags? How these tags work?

The second thing is that I want to construct the kinetic model of chemistry. I find at least two way to construct it.Does it have the same effect to the different ways? And why there are some moleculars with no diffusion_coefficient?

Scanverger example uses IRT model. And for now, this model defines a scavenger as no diffusion_coefficient molecule. In fact that, this scavenger is defined as continuum then we don’t need diffusion_coefficient. Please, find more detail in : Redirecting

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I hope this message finds you well after several months, I am currently working on simulating oxygen consumption using the Scavenger Code and need assistance to build my own oxygen depletion model. Specifically, I aim to adjust the oxygen supplementary from surrounding vessels and the radiolytic oxygen consumption in the equation

dp(t)/dt = λ ( p(t) - p(t0) ) - ROC(t,p)

The former part represents the oxygen supplementary from the surrounding vessels, while the latter part represents the radiolytic oxygen consumption.

I am seeking guidance on where to locate and build oxygen supplementary model in the Scavenger Code. I notice the function like ‘G4MoleculeCounter.hh::AddAMoleculeAtTime’ ,but I have no idea where to add this function while process running.

Additionally, I am interested in understanding how electrons generate chemical particles. Could you kindly direct me to the relevant source file for this information?

I appreciate your time and assistance in this matter :smile: