Some questions of resource codes ofHPFission model


I am reading the resource code of Geant4 to update the HPFission model. Becouse I can’t find any file to help me to understand this part codes, I has some questions of it.
(1) G4ParticleHPFission::ApplyYourself should have calculated the final states after fission happening. But I can’t find this part codes in this function. And in G4ParticleHPFission::BuildPhysicsTable , I find the G4ParticleHPFissionFS class. I think it should deal with the final state. But in the Geant4, how to use this function or where is it used? I can’t understand;
(2)In G4ParticleHPFissionFS, I find that it used G4ParticleHPFSFissionFS, G4ParticleHPFCFissionFS, G4ParticleHPSCFissionFS, G4ParticleHPTCFissionFS, G4ParticleHPLCFissionFS, G4ParticleHPFFFissionFS. I think all these class are used to calculate the final state. But what is the difference for them?

(3)In G4ParticleHPFSFissionFS::Init , what is the physical meaning of the parameter M of SetAZMs( A, Z, M, aFile )?

Thanks! I am waiting for your help!