Source at multiple locations

Hi Everyone,

Consider a 2D plane divided into a mesh, such that all the position/centroid coordinates P1, P2, …,P16 are known. I also have a detector in this plane at some known location and would like to know its response for various locations of the source. For instance running 100 events assuming source at position P1 and repeating for every centroid up to P16 in the attached image.

When positions are few, I have no issue with /gps/source/add 1 route. Such that I can determine event’s source position and corresponding energy deposited in post-processing.

I created my macro file with 250,000 source locations and my simulation freezes! Any idea on how I can implement this? One way could be to have 250,000 macros and run separately, any better way?

I am using /gps/source/add 1 route but it looks like my simulation freezes as I am adding 250000 source locations.

think that is again a nice opportunity to make use of a loop:

with the grid of coordinates, maybe you tweak it to be a nested loop :slight_smile: