Specifying a de/dx table

I am simulating the passage of ions through a solid state detector system. I would like to use the de/dx tables that I have used in the past to simulate the response of the detector system. A few years ago I worked on a similar problem using a modified version of G4VEnergyLossProcess. My impression is that there is a simpler way to accomplish this. Where can I find the format of the table and how to specify that simulation uses my table? I understand that Geant4 scales the proton de/dx table for heavier ions. Is there a way to provide my own table for an ion.


if you using not default but extended EM physics (our recommendation G4EmStandardPhysics_option4), then ion ionisation is simulated with the parameterized model, which takes dEdx data from the external files.

If you work with the recent Geant4 10.7 then copy locally the dataset G4EMLOW7.13. See ion_stopping_data directory, there are icru73 and icru90 data. A complete dataset is icru73, you may substitute locally our files for specific projectile/target combinations. Of course, in your files units should be the same as in our variant.