Start icon for Geant4

Dear Experts,

I am new to Geant4 app. I already installed the geant4 on windows 10 using Cmake and visual studio 2019. Can anyone instruct me on how to start/open the geant4 after installation to start simulation?

Thanks in advance

Geant4 is not an “app”. It’s a “toolkit”, a set of libraries for which you write your own application (executable), and you link that against the Geant4 libraries.

You probably want to start by looking at the examples which came with you distribution, and then you can look at the Application Developers Guide for all the things you can modify to make your own.

Many thanks for the information.

I went through the application developers guide. But I still have a basic question:
I used visual studio 2019 to install geant4. So, if i open a visual studio 2019 and create a new project in using Cmake as you can see in the screenshot, and then start writing the code of B1 example. Is that the way to go ?

or should i start with empty project ?

Thanks in advance.

Hi, @NHemamali
You can build exampleB1 by cmake, and you will find a .sln file. Open it and you can run B1.
Best Wishes!

Many thanks for the information