Still seeing secondary particles after setting cut to 10km in B1 example

_Geant4 Version:_11.0.0
_Operating System:_Linux
_CMake Version:_cmake/3.22.1

Hi Geant4 community,

I was simply running the B1 example, and I wanted to check whether I could cancel the production of secondary particles by setting the cuts to 10 km. I considered primary protons of 100 MeV. The simulation was simple, I used
/run/setCuts 10 km
in the interactive mode, before shooting 1000 primaries.
However, after printing the cut table to check if the cuts were properly saved, I still see the production of secondary particles.

Does anyone know why ??

Extra info : This behaviour does not occur when shooting the same protons in the fanoCavity2 example (in example/extended/medical).

Thanks a lot for your time,



Hi !!

So far my understanding on the production cut says
in geant4 productioncuts depends on distance not an energy, so if secondaries travel more than the defined distance, they are produced.
say for 1mm electrons production energies maybe in keV or higher
when 0.1mm energies goes from eVs or higher.

In order to stop your choice of particle better go with stopandkill(). In this case you will see particle of your choice.

Further looking on the macro you defined
Maybe you use /run/setCut

if for a given particle then
/run/setCutForAGivenParticle e- 1 km