Stop work when runnuing

I work in GEANT4 via this GUI.

After two runs (each one with number of primary gammas equals to one biliion) when I want to do one more run it stops to work. What is the problem ?

Could you post the output from the bottom of the “Output” window please? I wouldn’t have expected “### — Ignore cuts flag: 1” to be the last line of output here. Also, could you post the exact sequence of commands you used, or the macro run, please?

10^9 primaries is quite close to the maximum number of events per run which is 2^31 (2147483648), but multiple runs below this shouldn’t be an issue even if the total events overflow the events-per-run limit.

Does the problem occur if you do the two runs of 10^9, then another run with 1 event? What about after two runs of, say, 10^8 (or lower)?

Yes it is last line of output. But the problem is more serious. I restarted the PC. Then ran program again with 10^9 primaries. Now it was the first run, and it’s dumped again. But when I set number of primaries equal to 10^8 there is no problems after three runs. I just need in maximal big statistics that’s why I want to use 10^9 particles. By the way the problem arosed when I start work in this GUI. Earilier, when I worked only in terminal anything was right.

Thanks! I would guess (and it’s really that) given the difference between the GUI and terminal behaviour this is related to some memory/caching limit or issue in Qt or our Vis implementation. What memory/CPU use are you seeing during runs? I can’t recall the specific limits on memory for Vis here, but @Allison can advise better.

Certainly, runs with high statistics would be in the territory of non-interactive (i.e. no Vis) local or task farm compute jobs.

25% overloading of CPU and 192Mb for RAM

Is there a way just turn off this GUI and work in terminal ?

Several points here…

For such a large number of events, you should aim to run in “batch mode”, i.e., execute a macro without any GUI and visualisation.

But…if you want to execute in “interactive mode”, i.e., where commands can be entered on a Geant4 command line, then:

  1. Turn off visualisation (/vis/disable).
  2. Suppress at compilation time all output from individual events. It’s a feature of the Qt GUI that it buffers all output to the end of run and even if you have only one line per event, that’s an awful lot of buffer space, and it can run you out of memory.

I think that’s it. Let us know if this explains your experience.

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Tell please where I should enter /vis/disable ?

The /vis/disable command can be entered as a command in the GUI in the Session: text entry box, or it can be added as a line in a Geant4 macro file.

I’ve tried both ways: adding in Session and in vis.mac file. It doesn’t help.

Did you suppress/remove all G4cout output during the run?

There is no any G4cout during the run. All information outed only at the end of run.

OK.Let’s think again.

If you have built with a GUI you do not need to use it. You can control this with environment variables or ~/.g4session (a configuration file in your home directory). See
How to Set Up an Interactive Session — Book For Application Developers 10.7 documentation.

For example, if exampleB1 is your application name, a line in ~/.g4session like this

exampleB1 tcsh

will force the UI Executive to use the terminal with tcsh-like syntax as your user interface.

Excellent! It’s work. Thank you very much.