Strange results in list of nuclear reactions

Two questions.

  1. After running Hadr03 example in the List of nuclear reactions there are shown such reaction. How it’s possible ?

gamma + Bi209 → N gamma or e- + Bi208: 16324 Q = -9.2352 MeV

  1. Tell please, what means the value in square brackets ?

gamma + Bi209 → neutron + Bi208[1567.667]: 1 Q = -9.0274 MeV

  1. The electron emission is internal conversion from a nuclear excited state. In the case shown, the “initial” excitation energy was more than 16 MeV, and the IC electron carried off the difference.

  2. The value in square brackets is the excitation energy (in keV) of the final-state nucleus, in this case 1.567 MeV.

About first answer. Ok, but how it’s possible that Bi209 becomes to Bi208 without neutron emission. Where is the neutron in reaction chain ?

Did I misread what you wrote? I thought you had used “N” for neutron; that was “N gamma”, wasn’t it? That’s an excellent question. @civanch ?

gamma + Bi209 → N gamma or e- + Bi208: 16324 Q = -9.2352 MeV

What is the energy of the incident gamma ?

This is my another profile. The energy of the incident gamma is 14MeV.

With curent développement version, I cannot reproduce the problem.
I do not remember exactly when it has been corrected …
sergey.out.txt (2.0 KB)

I use version 4.10.07. Can I assume, that gamma + Bi209 → N gamma or e- + Bi208 means
gamma + Bi209 → N gamma or e- + neutron + Bi208 ?

only @civanch can give details.