Support to ARM architecture

During the recent apple announcement, they promise that the new ARM architecture will run better in terms of performance on the new macbook respect to intel chipsets (same thing that Microsoft said about surface X) so I would like to know if there’s the possibility or the idea to bring geant4 on ARM based systems, not only the new macbook but even portable devices like tablets. If they are so powerful and battery saver as they said, maybe running geant4 on a tablet could be faster than an average laptop.


I’ve seen a few talks/posters of Geant4 compiled and running on raspberry pi and android devices, which both use ARM, as proof of concept, sorry I can’t find any links to them. I am also aware of ARM clusters running Geant4 based applications and the libraries have thus been compiled for use with the cluster nodes (

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I have Geant4 running on a Raspberry Pi 4; a (very patient) colleague has also successfully got it working on a Raspberry Pi 3. I have put together some simple instructions here:

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This is amazing, is it the 4gb or 8gb version? Is it slow? I was thinking to use the Nvidia Jetson nano (I have one at home just “for fun”).

It’s the 4 GB version. It’s fine for visualising particles travelling through simple geometries. You wouldn’t want to use it for complex simulations with large numbers or particles.