Tabulated gammas for 16N BetaMinus decay

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I want to simulate the gamma production from 2.7 MeV interaction on a CaF2 target.
The main gammas are 6-7 MeV gammas following 19F(p,\alpha)16N reaction.
16N decays to 16O through \beta- desintegration. There are two main gammas : 6129 keV (67%) and 7115 keV (4.9 %). The rest, almost, is directly to ground level.

I use QGSP_BIC_HP Physics List. Which includes G4RadioactiveDecayPhysics.

The resulting gamma production is very broad, yet centred aroud 6 MeV.
As if the 16O was no populated on its excited states.

Is there an option force the use of tabulated excited states ?

I attached the gamma production in the CaF2 target

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Geant4 Version: Geant4 v10.7.4
Operating System: Debian 10.13
Compiler/Version: GNU Make 4.2.1
CMake Version: 3.13.4

Here, a macro for example Hadr03, and an extract of its printout.
As you can see, Nitrogen is never involved; only Oxygen and two of its excited states.

romain.mac.txt (300 Bytes)
romain.out.txt (3.8 KB)

Hi Maire,

Thank you for your reply !
Indeed the gamma originate from Oxygen.

Anyhow, I see that the tabulated levels 6049 and 6129 are involved in your results. Which is great.

I tried to reproduce with my version of G4 (10.7.4) and the result is very different.

What Hadronic Physics did you use ? (…AllHP ?)
Why did you inactivate the hadElastic in the run.mac ?


" What Hadronic Physics did you use ? (…AllHP ?) " : QGSP_BIC_HP
( I have no confidence in AllHP …)

" Why did you inactivate the hadElastic in the run.mac ? " : just to increase statistic (5.2 KB)

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