TestEM5 - X-Ray tracking

In order to simulate the source of a transmission X-Ray tube, i modified the geometry of the TestEm5 example as you can see in the image.
100 keV electrons come from (0,0,0) and as firs t they encounter a 5um tungsten target. Then, the generated X-Ray should travel to/through the second volume, that performs as X-Ray shielding material (the object of my study).
The problem is that the example gives no informations about the generated X-Ray after the primary event, and I can’t find informations on how implement, for example, how many of them reach the shield and how many travel through it.


the analysis of any extended example is limited to demonstrate few features of simulation. It not necessary includes all possible use-cases. If you change the geometry you may also change histograms of the example by adding extra plot. You may also extend the list of accumulators used o compute mean values and their RMS.