TestEm7 example

Hi all and Merry Christmas.

I’ve added a new material (A-150 TE plastic) to the TestEm7 example. I’ve done this previously without any trouble (most recently with stainless steel) but this time it’s raising a seg fault. No compile or link issues were raised. If I revert to water I don’t get the seg fault.

I’ve followed the G4 recipe for A-150 and code is below:

G4Material* A_150 =
new G4Material(“A_150”, density= 1.127g/cm3, ncomponents=6);
A_150->AddElement(H, natoms=0.101327);
A_150->AddElement(C, natoms=0.7755);
A_150->AddElement(N, natoms=0.035057);
A_150->AddElement(O, natoms=0.0523159);
A_150->AddElement(F, natoms=0.017422);
A_150->AddElement(Ca, natoms=0.018378);

Any ideas why. I know it’ll be a silly mistake on my part.



Please ignore above. I see that Mike Kelsey has helped me with the same problem in the past.