Testing PAI model

Hello, so I am trying to test the Ionization energy loss models for muons for example Em5. For normal muon ionization energy loss model using G4MuIonisation(). I tested it only for ionization energy loss and switched off other losses I get this result below:

Which is accurate based on PDG table.

Now I am not sure if I am implementing PAI model correctly.

Using some lines from TestEm8 I make some changes to the Physics list:

 else if (name == "pai") {
    G4EmParameters::Instance()->AddPAIModel("all","world","pai"); // adding PAI Model 

And add this line in macro:

/testem/phys/addPhysics  pai

However I still keep this lines in PhysListEmStandard.cc

 G4MuIonisation* muIoni = new G4MuIonisation();  // this is for muon ionization 
 muIoni->SetStepFunction(0.1, 50*um); 

This yields the result:

Which is slightly different result but is this the correct implementation of PAI model ?