The DICOM example uses which folder of images for modeling

Hi Geant4ers:
Recently I’ve been learning about the DICOM example, but when I look at the code file, I don’t know which folder the example is modeled with the .dicom image.
Thank you in advance for the advice I received from the experts here, your guidance is very important to me as a newcomer.

If I understand your question, the example is modelling the files listed in “Data.dat”. If you do not have, it complains when run. See the README file for more details

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Thank you for your answer, I will read the document you said

Hello, it’s very presumptuous to bother you, but I really need your help right now. I am planning to build a brain model using the DICOM example, but now I don’t know how I should replace the example images used in the example with my own images. Originally I was going to change the image used for modeling in the example to something like IM-0003-0001 in the share folder under the same example project. To do this I also changed the Data.dat file, changing the second line of the file (to 10, the number of files in the share folder), and the following file name, but the program is giving me errors.
So I would like to ask how I should change the procedure if I want to change the ct image for modeling (dicom format image).
I appreciate your advice and guidance, my mentor is not with me right now and I really need some advice to fix this.

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