The install of geant4-v11.2.0.beta

Geant4 Version: geant4-v11.2.0.beta
Operating System: ubuntu

cmake 27
after the successful installation of g4, i start to run the example of B1 but i meet a problem

i dot know how to fix it

Could you post the Geant4PackageCache.cmake file listed in the error file here please?

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Do you mean CMake 3.27? I think there’s a bug in the generation of the Geant4PackageCache.cmake caused by changes in that version, so just wanted to confirm!

Today, I browsed the home page of G4 and found that the compiler required for GEANT4_11.1.2 is version gcc 8.5, but mine is version 8.3. Therefore, I believe it may be an issue with the compiler version. I am upgrading gcc and will report the results in the future.

It should be o.k. to use 8.3, but doesn’t hurt to upgrade. However, I can almost guarantee this won’t solve the issue which is due to a change in how CMake 3.27 locates the Expat dependency. If you still see the issue after the compiler upgrade, there are several ways to proceed:

  1. If Geant4 is already installed and you don’t want to reinstall
    • Remove the Geant4PackageCache.cmake file. It’s an optional file, and removing it won’t break the installation. However, if Geant4 was built with dependencies (EXPAT, ZLIB, CLHEP, Xerces-C, Qt etc) in locations not known to CMake, then these paths must be added to CMAKE_PREFIX_PATH (See the CMake documentation for further info onto). I suspect on Ubuntu these will all be coming from the standard system locations though.
  2. If you’re o.k. reinstalling, you can either:
    • Run cmake -DGEANT4_INSTALL_PACKAGE_CACHE=OFF <otherargs> to prevent install of the file in the first place.
    • or, Run cmake -DGEANT4_USE_SYSTEM_EXPAT=OFF <otherargs> to use the builtin expat and sidestep the bug.

Dear bmorgan,thanks for your reply. the thing happens as what you have expected. after i upgraded the compiler, the mistake still existed. so i preformed the reinstalling with the line : DGEANT4_INSTALL_PACKAGE_CACHE=OFF,and i succeeded lately after these steps.

i am confused with the issue , and i wonder that if i should change the version of CMAKE and try to fix the issue again.

the ubuntu version of my workstation is 19.10
thanks !

The issue is down to changes in CMake’s FindEXPAT module as outlined here: 2556 – Changes to FindEXPAT in CMake 3.27 break Geant4PackageCache.cmake file

If you’ve got things working with -DGEANT4_INSTALL_PACKAGE_CACHE=OFF in the install of Geant4, then that’s fine and there shouldn’t be further issues using CMake 3.27.

thanks for your reply! i intend to do future research based on your advice.


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