The particle’s interaction

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The photon interaction is transportation. Others particle’ interaction also is transportation.

What is transportation meaning?
Can you tell me or Where can I find it?

The Application Developer’s Guide is the main documentation. Where did you get this print out?

Are you printing the G4StepPoint::GetProcessDefinedStep() name? If so, that is the name of the process which limited the step. “Transportation” (G4Transportation) limits the step at volume boundaries. “compt” (G4ComptionScattering) indicates a photon scattering off an electron.

Yes. Asyou say, I used the G4StepPoint::GetProcessDefinedStep() name to get the transportation. if so, How do I get particle interacton. where can I find it.
Can you tell me.

That is the interaction. What you’re seeing is that in your geometry, the photon is passing through a large number of volumes without interacting. Then, at the end of what you included, it does interact via a Compton scatter.

If you use /tracking/verbose 1, instead of your own printout, you can see the information with more detail: it will print out the position and energy at each step, if there was any energy loss, and even the name of the volume.

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