The relation between radiation dose and electrical current

1- Is the Gent4 study the electrical and optical properties?

2- Are there any equations that I use to study the effect of radiation on the electrical and optical properties?


Could you outline your use case here please? I’m not clear what point 1. covers, but I’d guess that point 2 is on radiation damage to materials?

I would like to know if there are any mathematical equations to convert the radiation dose to electrical current

The electrical current generated from the deposited radiation energy is a function of electrical, physical and chemical properties of the material, some of which Geant4 does not have access to. It is also a function of the geometry of the material and structures attached to it. For example, a solid semiconductor will behave very differently from a gas in an ion chamber or a block of plastic.

To my knowledge, such a calculation is not something that is within the scope of Geant4. By making some assumptions, ou might be able to calculate excess charge deposited and then plug that into some other physics or electromagnetics modelling software.