The volume becomes transparent

屏幕截图 2021-12-15 131648

I’m sorry, but could you outline the issue in a bit more detail please? It’s not clear what the context of “transparent” is, nor the problem this causes.

thank you for your prompt reply! I want to make the model visible, but the visual interface can only show the border of the model,not the inside of the model

There are many, many commands for changing the appearance, viewing angle, etc., of the scene. Maybe the one you want is /vis/viewer/set/style solid. Or right-click for a menu if you are using the Qt user interface.

In general, to see available commands, ls or help or browse the help tab of the Qt UI (if you have built with Qt). Or see Built-in Commands — Book For Application Developers 11.0 documentation.

examples/basic/B1/vis.mac is also a good place to look.

thank you for your prompt answer, i try to copy the code of examples/basic/B1/vis.mac to my vis.mac ,the volume can be see