There is no solid volume information on picture when making a movie

When i made a movie using the solution as munual, the pictures produced by .mac has no information about solid volume, what is wrong with my .mac file?

the files related are (107 Bytes)
movie2.mac.txt (222 Bytes)

G4OpenGL_viewer-1_0000.pdf (953 Bytes)
G4OpenGL_viewer-1_0000.pdf (953 Bytes)

Curiously, your files had a .txt extension. When I removed that in my shell:

mv movie.loop.txt movie.loop
mv movie2.mac.txt movie2.mac

and then, in the Geant4 session

/control/execute movie2.mac

it produces lots of .eps files, which you can turn into a movie. See Making a Movie — Book For Application Developers 10.7 documentation.

i rename movie.loop and movie2.mac to movie.loop.txt and movie2.mac.txt
only for uploading, yes, the .eps files produced, but there is no information in .eps file like the .pdf file(i rename .eps file to .pdf for uploading).

OK. I understand. Yes, the .eps files are strange.

  1. In your movie.loop, you have

/vis/viewer/set/viewpointThetaPhi 120 150

Thus the viewpoint never changes. Maybe you meant

/vis/viewer/set/viewpointThetaPhi {theta} {phi}

  1. If you set the viewpoint as above, is there anything to be seen? You have to find parameters that suit your particular application.

  2. I would use /vis/viewer/export. /vis/viewer/printEPS is deprecated.


Hi Siyuan

The suggestion in Making a Movie — Book For Application Developers 10.7 documentation (“With a macro loop”) is just a suggestion. As they stand, if I control/execute movie2.mac from the G4 command line, it opens a new viewer and, with OGL in the Qt User Interface, it doesn’t seem to work. I will look into this. You may have found a bug. (Did you use /control/execute?)

The suggested files were meant to run in “batch mode”, i.e., by typing something like

./exampleB1 movie2.mac

but then (with exampleB1) it gives

ERROR: G4VisCommandSceneAddVolume::SetNewValue:
No world. Maybe the geometry has not yet been defined.
Try "/run/initialize"

Now, if I add the line /run/initialize to movie2.mac, all works OK for me. Did you see any ERROR messages or WARNING messages? Always a good idea to look for them.


@ allison,thanks, when using “batch mode”, everything works well, whatever using /vis/ogl/printEPS or /vis/ogl/export.