Thermal Neutron Capture in Germanium

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Using thermal neutron with Ekin = 25 meV hitting a Germanium crystal, I cannot reproduce the number quoted in table 1 of the paper arXiv:2011.13803 “Calibration of nuclear recoils at the 100 eV scale using neutron capture”. The table 1 is attached: in particular,
I don’t find the quoted branching ratio to single gamma from the compound nucleus.
Is there a way I can see what is actually used in the Geant4, and modify if needed ?
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Corinne Goy
LPSC - Ricochet experiment

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At these energies, the best that Geant4 can offer is ParticleHP, with options use_only_photon_evaporation and do_not_adjust_final_state.
Here a macro for example Hadr03 (see and its printout.
In your table, I do not know exactly how column 5 is defined.

corinne.mac.txt (448 Bytes)
corinne.out.txt (2.4 KB)

Merci Michel.

I managed to access the references of column; hoefully I can to understand these fractions.
Thank you for the dump as well.

Amicalement, Corinne