Time between events

How much time does it take to generate the next set of events with the following parameters in a simulation?
/gun/particle gamma
/gun/energy 1 MeV
/run/beamOn 1
/gun/particle gamma
/gun/energy 1.2 MeV
/run/beamOn 1

Whats the scientific purpose of doing this.

Your question is unanswerable with the information provided. Are you asking about simulated time within the code, or are you asking about CPU time per event, or wall clock time on a shared system?

@mkelsey I am generating the particles event by event rather than doing /run/beamOn 2.

I am asking about the simulated time. Does the time between each consecutive events constant ?

Every event starts at a simulated time of 0. (zero). If you write your own custom PrimaryGeneratorAction, then you can set the start time of each event however you would like it.

Note that by this method you are generating separate runs, each run containing a single event. Depending on how you have set up your data recording code (SDs, scorers, whatever), you may get a separate file containing each individual event. That’s not particular useful for high statistics analysis.

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