Tips for effective and successful posting

This forum is intended to help with problems and answer questions on the Geant4 toolkit, whether that be to develop applications using it, to request or contribute new features, or generally discuss and communicate about Geant4. Before you ask a question, or post in the categories, please observe the following guidelines:

  1. Always specify which Geant4 version, which platform, and which compiler you are using
  2. Don’t use all caps.
  3. Use a descriptive Title. Do not put URGENT!, or NEED HELP NOW, etc. in your title or the post body; it will not make people look at it any faster.
  4. Add a self-contained reproducer or at least describe the “steps to reproduce” to help us to understand/solve your problem.
  5. When posting code, do not post your entire program if you only need help with one function. Post as little as possible. People are much more likely to read small amounts of code and help you, than they are to read a hundred lines of code. You’ll be asked to post additional information if this is needed.
  6. Do not post screenshots of code or terminal output, use text inside code tags(```)/snippets. Screenshots make it harder to extract information or post corrections to the problem as text copy/paste isn’t possible. Posting screenshots to show issues with detector visualization or GUI interfaces is fine however!
  7. Use code tags (```) whenever you are posting code more than a line in length. More information on code tags can be found on the sticky topic on the top of the forum.
  8. Don’t ask people to do all your work for you.