TLS alert, close notify

I am trying to install geant4 on my pc but when it is about to finish I get this error

It looks that the timeout for downloading data files (1500 sec) has been exceeded. Try to increase it using -DG4_INSTALL_DATA_TIMEOUT option in cmake, please see Advanced Options at the following page:
Building and Installing from Source — Geant4 Installation Guide 11.1 documentation

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Excuse me, I’m new to this, and I don’t know where to change the code

There’s no code change here, all that needs to be done is to rerun CMake in the directory you’re building in with:

... output, then..
$ make

That will double the allowed time for downloading the datasets and should be sufficient given the output posted. If you continue to see timeouts, just repeat the above doubling the value until things work.

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thank you, i got it.
that is the solution

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