Too many ram memory are cost when running G4 B4a example.?

i run example B4a with 1 millinion projects, when using qt driver,
231500 events done, the projection is killed in windows platform with 8G RAM,
116900 events done, the projection is killed in ubuntu platform with 4G RAM,
when using Opengl driver, everythings work ok,

so what is the ploblem with qt?

Qt accumulates extra information for each item.

But why do you want to draw 1 million events? Use visualisation to check that everything is OK then


Before running 1 million events, i have executed the command “/vis/disable”.

when Geant4_10.6 release, everything works well with Qt driver,
Maybe, something is wrong with Qt at present.

Mmmm. If you /vis/diable, there is no way Qt will do anything. Has anything changed on your side since you worked with Geant4 10.6?

Possibilities are:

  • You are keeping lots of events with eventManager->KeepCurrentEvent.
  • A memory leak in your code.
  • A bug in Geant4.

Also good to /tracking/storeTrajectory 0 after /vis/disable.

But please keep digging - we may discover something.

After Geant4 10.7 released, i wanted to try new version, so i uninstalled Qt and Geant4 10.6,

when i reinstalled Qt and Geant4 10.7, the problem occured. ant with Geant4 10.6 the trouble still
exist. so i double something is wrong with the Qt installed online at present.