Track information in SD

Hi Dear geant4 user!
I have used SensitiveDetector.
The track information is printed in the terminal, but it seems that the track information is not shown when the particles enter the volumes that I defined as SensitiveDetector!

I think I need to do some extra work on the sensitive detector!
Thank you for any advice.

What do you mean by “enter the volume”? The SD is not called when the track reaches the boundary; it’s called for the first “full step” within the volume (that is, when the PreStep is first associated with the volume).

thanks for your reply.
I had not paid attention to this.
Now it is better that I give some explanations.
I defined a box that is the source of producing neutron and positron particles.
At a distance of 1 meter from it, I have defined another box which is divided into 100 parts and each of those 100 small boxes are SD.
I want to have EnergyDeposit and information of each step inside and outside 100 small boxes and in csv files!

The SD will give you the energy deposit information (and whatever else you want to extract from the step and track – remember, you write the SD code, so it can do anything you want!) inside each volume you attach the SD. But you can’t get information outside those volumes. You could write an SD and attach it to the mother (world?) volume, or you could write a SteppingAction.