Unable to run ROOT macro for chem6 on Windows 10


I compiled and ran examples/extended/medical/DNA/chem6 example, got the output Species.txt and Species0.root files, but running script “root plotG_LET.C” just passes with empty output, script “root plotG_time.C” results in following line:

Processing plotG_time.C…

Assertion failed: LV.getLinkage() == getLinkage(), file C:\build\ws\BUILDTYPE\Release\LABEL\windows10\V\6-22\root\interpreter\llvm\src\tools\clang\lib\AST\Type.cpp, line 3507

here path is not my path where I installed ROOT. My root is 6.22/08 from https://root.cern/download/root_v6.22.08.win32.vc16.exe, my VS is Visual Studio 2019 Community.