Unavailable command: /particle/nuclideTable/min_meanlife

Hello Geant4 users,
I am working with a Geant4 application using QGSP_BERT + radioactive decay physics. I want to compare differences between the model with the default radioactive decay physics parameters and the model with changed parameters. So I attempted to use the UI command “/particle/nuclideTable/min_meanlife” to change the one of these parameters, min MeanLife. However, even though I include “G4NuclideTable.hh” and “G4NuclideTableMessenger.hh”, I always encounter the following error:

meanlife is not a parameter name.
Parameter range: error at EqualityExpression
***** Illegal parameter (99) </particle/nuclideTable/min_meanlife 100 ns> *****

How can I change the parameter’s value?

_Geant4 Version:_11.2.1
_Operating System:_Mac Ventura 13.6.4
_Compiler/Version:_Apple Clang 14.0.3
_CMake Version:_3.28.1

Dear Tatsuki,

according to the release notes 11-00-ref-09,

- G4NuclideTableMessenger: added command "/particle/manage/nuclide/min_meanlife"
  corresponding to G4NuclideTable::SetMeanLifeThreshold().
  Default minimum mean life is 1.0 ns. In "/particle/nuclideTable/min_halflife"
  changed default minimum half-life to 0.693 ns.
- Changed half-life threshold for nuclide creation to be consistent with 
  lifetimes in nuclear de-excitation code; in G4NuclideTable constructor,
  change threshold_of_halflife from 1000 ns to 1 ns.