Uncertainties in nuclear physics cross-section

Hi everyone, I have a general question on nuclear cross-section. I understand that the nuclear physics cross-section are taken from the Evaluated Nuclear Data File (ENDF). In these tables, the uncertainties are also reported along with the cross-section (for example XE-132(N,EL)). However, I found that for certain processes (for example XE-129(N,EL)), the uncertainty column is not reported in the cross-section file. This may mean that the uncertainties are too small or not reported. My question is, how are the uncertainties on these processes included in the GEANT4 physics list when the uncertainties are not there in the ENDF file for that process.

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inside Geant4 databases the accuracy is not included. There is no way to use accuracy of cross sections during simulation. The only way to check effect of inaccuracy to final results is to apply a factor (for example ± 5%) and compare results.