Uncertainty Analysis

Hi everyone,

I am scoring photon phase spaces leaving an x-ray tube. My simulation starts from electrons and I have bremsstrahlung splitting implemented in my code. I then sample from those scored phase spaces to investigate the further interactions of the photons with different media. I was wondering if anyone has an idea or knows a reference as to how to address the uncertainty analysis having done:

1- Bremsstrahlung splitting in the code
2- Sampling from the phase space

I use history by history method, but of course the possible correlations between split photons and then sampled introduce further propagated errors into my analysis. However, I have troubles finding a good reference. Please guide me if you have got any ideas :slight_smile:

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are you using root file to store photon histories in phase space?

I am using the root file to store position, momentum and energy of my photons and then later sample them from these phase spaces to investigate further interactions with phantom, applicators etc. I was also wondering if there is a way to store weight of each photon as well.

Add a branch to your ROOT TTree to store the weight, and get the weight from the track when you fill each entry in your ROOT tree.

I think that is a good idea. Is there anyway I could take care of the uncertainties?

Thank you!

they do mention bremsstrahlung splitting explicitly in here: https://people.physics.carleton.ca/~drogers/pubs/papers/Wa02a.pdf