Updating a simulation from Geant4 9.6 to Geant4 10.x

Hello, my new research group gave me me a simulation in order to use it with Geant4 10.x

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It looks like old because I read that the last changes at files have been done in march 2017

In the header of files I read

 *	Geant496

therefore I guess it was made using Geant4 9.6

I firstly tried to run it (by G4 10.7) to see what it happens but I get two errors:

the first one is due to the fact that it can’t find “G4FermiBreakUp.hh”

the seocond one is that ‘aParticleIterator’ was not declared, but probably it was decleared in the G4FermiBreakUp.hh"

Then my questions:

  1. Is G4FermiBreakUp.hh an header of G4 9.6?
  2. What should I do to update the simulation from 9.6 to 10.x?
  1. Probably.
  2. Each Geant4 release includes a ReleaseNotes file, which are also available on the Geant4 Web site.

Unfortunately, you can’t easily get to _all the ReleaseNotes on a single Web page; you have to navigate to each past release individually.

If you have access to your site’s Geant4 installation, there is a top-level ReleaseNotes directory, which contains all the past files, going all the way back to Geant4.1.0(!).

Thank you @mkelsey I will check