Uranium enrichment issues


I am try to replicate some experimental measurements of uranium dioxide fuel pellets in GEANT4. The pellets are 4.46% enriched. I have run my model using the general particle source function specifiying the number of particles to run for each isotope on their relative weight and specific activity.

Comparing the experimental and simulated data it appears that the U-238 decay-chain peak at 1001 keV is greater than that observed experimentally. This suggests that the simulation is wrong. This could be because my calculation for the number of particles to run for each isotope is incorrect, or that the gaussian broadening algorithm i am applying to the raw geant4 data is incorrect.

Any help would be very welcome.


Gamma emission nuclear de-excitation in Geant4 is data driven. There is a probability that data for these lines are not accurate. It is important to mention what version of Geant4 and what Physics List are used.