Using QT Visualization for B1 example

Hello, I am very new to Geant4, and am trying to use QT5 for visualization on the example project B1. I am running geant4 on Ubuntu 18.04, which is running through Windows Subsystem for Linux on a 64 bit architecture. I believe QT5 is already installed on my machine, as evidenced by
I apologize for the use of imgur links, however, the geant4 forum only allows new users to post with one image which seems insufficient for my post. I can additionally confirm that I compiled geant4 with the QT visualization options, as evidenced by
However, after compiling and trying to run the example project B1 with visualization, I am greeted with this error message.

Does anyone have any advice on what might be causing this issue? Thanks!

I don’t have experience of running WSL, so I can’t be 100% sure, but have you installed an X11 server for Windows and applied the configuration here: ?

Thanks for responding. I can confirm that Xming is installed on my machine and operating correctly with other programs (emacs, root, etc.). I ran the three commands in the link you sent and received this error in response

I’ll add some update to my current problem here. Following the instructions provided by this link
I have been able to successfully use qt5 to create the expected graphic, as displayed here

Note, this is being displayed by the previously mentioned XMing program. This suggests to me that everything on the visuals side is working correctly and that I am doing something wrong with trying to connect to geant4.