Variance reduction for ions

Dear Geant4 experts:
Dose the variance reduction techniques provied by Geant4 now apply only for neutral particles? My primary beam is charge ions, such as proton and carbon, and my geomery (detector) is voxel. I want to sue the wieght window technique and importance sampling, dose these two methods works for the primary ions and secondary ions ? Moreover, I want to use the geometry splitting in my program, however, I don’t know how to start, could you give me some advice, such as example or referencet.
Any help is welcome.
Cheers, shiyan.

I would suggest starting with the B01 and B02 biasing examples examples/extended/biasing · geant4-10.7-release · geant4 / geant4 · GitLab

I haven’t tried using the weight window technique, but I’ve used the importance sampling and geometry splitting on electrons, so I would assume they work with ions as well

Thakn you for your reply and help.

I am tring to learn the examples of B01 and B02, and its helpful to me.

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