Vis particle track issus

Error in UnknownClass::InitInterpreter(): LLVM SYMBOLS ARE EXPOSED TO CLING! This will cause problems; please hide them or dlopen() them after the call to TROOT::InitInterpreter()!

Sorry, but what exactly is the issue here? The error looks like it’s coming from ROOT, so:

  • Which version of Geant4 are you using?
  • What platform/os/compiler and versions of these are you using?
  • What other output and/or error messages are you seeing?

This seems to happen all the time when a Geant4 user application is also linked against a recent ROOT release. It’s not a Geant4 issue, and it appears to be absolutely benign from the ROOT side as well. It’s just an annoyance coming from ROOT’s use of LLVM as it’s interpreter.

dear bmorgan,
Geant4 version: source /opt/geant4/10.02p01/bin/
Root version: source /opt/root/6.08.04_gcc52/bin/
other error maybe no

ok,I think so,maybe my root version is not suitable,could you solve it?thank you.
This to happen when I want to see the particle track with /run/beamOn
Geant4 version: source /opt/geant4/10.02p01/bin/
Root version: source /opt/root/6.08.04_gcc52/bin/

The warning message is entirely benign. It does not affect the Geant4 running, and doesn’t affect your code for writing out data to ROOT files.

Ok,thank you,I have tried it.
Now,I can obtain the data.