Visual Studio does not display geant4 basic classes(solved)

Hello. I have installed Visual Studio on Ubuntu but it does not list geant4 basic classes and methods when programming. While listing c++ classes. Can something be done to list the basic classes and methods?
Do you know a code editor other than Visual Studio that gives us a list of geant4 classes when programming?
Thanks for your accountability

I installed the IntelliSense Extension in Visual Studio and the problem was fixed.
Installation Guide for Visual Studio Extensions: go to view -> Extensions -> search IntelliSense ->install

The manual method to solve it is add " includePath" to “c_cpp_properties.json”

  1. open visual studio
    2.file → open folder project from Right bar
    4.view → command palette → type c/c++: edit configurations (ui)
    5.find and click on c_cpp_properties.json
    6.add path of the header file to includePath. like as below:
    “includePath”: [