Visualisation in application Mulassis


I am using Spenvis to create macros to run a local copy of Mulassis (v02.00) on my laptop. I am having problems visualising the slab geometry I created in Spenvis. I would use the server version of Mulassis for this but it always gives an error 256 (I emailed the Spenvis team about this error).

On my local copy of Mulassis, the execution seems to halt at the following position of my macro “/vis/open VRML2FILE”, giving the following error in the terminal:

I have tried replacing VRML2FILE with VRML1FILE and also trying OGL but none of these work. Does my version of mulassis not have visualisation capabilties? Writing this I remember setting the following flags during my install of geant4:


I thought that this would be sufficient

Any pointers to resolving this would be much appreciated.

Geant4 Version: v10.7.4
Operating System: Debian 12
Compiler/Version: gcc 12.2.0
CMake Version: 3.25.1


That’s strange, because VRML2FILE is always built - if the vis manager is instantiated at all. I’m afraid I don’t know what MULASSIS does. Does it instantiate a vis manager?


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