Visualisation issues using XQuartz

I’m fairly new to Geant4. I have been following the “physics matters” tutorials on youtube.

I’m using XQuartz for visualisation on my computer (Geant4 v11.0.3, macOS Monterey, version 12.3, Chip Apple M1). I have been able to visualise a detector simulation but I cannot move the image - it is completely static. There are also no side toolbars like there are on Qt.
Has anyone had a similar issue?


Hi Maya

You’re right. The simple X11 window is not interactive. You can, of course, change the view with commands such as /vis/viewer/set/viewpointThetaPhi.

My recommendation is that you install Qt (version 5.15.2 would be my recommendation - Geant4 does not yet support Qt6) and build Geant4 with it - see Installation Guide.

Another way is to install motif (e.g., OpenMotif) and build with the Xm options. This gets you some interactivity, but nothing like as good as with Qt.